1. Pitch Bible-Printout and PDF file

2. Story Reel/

3. Storyboards.pdf


    The Pitch Bible/Style Guide is a compilation of all of the designs you have completed/revised while developing your film concept.  It should serve as a complete guide to the characters, locations and overall look of your film.  It will also include Inspirational Images, Thumbnails and Tonal/Keys (Color Keys optional).


    Please compile the following work in a single multi-page  PDF file.  Print out a hard copy bound in a in a report binder AND submit the following PDF file :


    Naming: leeperS_WorkingTitle-PitchBible.pdf


    The Pitch Bible/Style Guide breaks down as follows:


    1. Story Treatment

    Cover Page: Compelling cover Image, working title, name and date

    Working Title: "Big Robot"

    Controlling Idea: What if a gun had a SOUL?

    Plot Synopsis:  In a SIMPLE paragraph tell us the basic storyline of your film. 

    Character Bios: Who are your characters and what motivates them.  Dedicate a paragraph to each in the order of their importance to the story.


    1. Character Designs

    Character Exploration Sheet

    Character Expression or Character Pose Sheet

    Character Turn-around

    Character Line-ups (Color Optional)


    1. Set/Location Reference

    While we will not be showing any original artwork concerning set/location designs you should use reference material to convey the world that your film will take place in.  Use images that help to define the world with additional notes helping us to understand their relevance.  References of architectural  details and props are also recommended.


    Arrange your images in a way that is pleasing to the eye and best communicates the work you have put into designing your film.


    1. Inspirational Images

    Using artwork, illustrations, and/or frame grabs choose imagery influences your design choices and has similar elements as to how you picture your final film.


    1. Tone and Color Keys

    Should show a sense of color progression and lighting.


    1. Final Thumbnails

    All of the Story panels to your film should be displayed in thumbnail form approx. 25 images per page.




    Export as a Quicktime movie at H264 compression 1280x720. Name and date your file as follows:



    Go here for a full Description.



    Production Boards should be exported to a single multi-page PDF file.




    Go here for a full Description.