Adobe Bridge, Photoshop, and Illustrator Tutorials

BRDG-Batch Renaming Image Sequences in Adobe Bridge.pdf

BRDG-Converting Multi Panel Pages to Pitchable Panel files.pdf

BRDG-Reversing Image Sequences in Adobe Bridge.pdf

BRDG-Sorting Images in Adobe Bridge.pdf

PSD-Batch Resizing Using Photo Shop.pdf

PSD-Exporting Photoshop Layers Sequence Files.pdf

ILLUSTRATOR-Tiling Oversized Print-Outs.pdf

Adobe Premiere, After Effects and Quicktime 07 Pro Tutorials

PREMEIRE-Set Up Edit and Export

QT-Converting an Image Sequence in Quicktime 7 Pro

AE-Rig Painting in After Effects.pdf


Misc. Software

CS_Chronosynce Tutorial_JSL.pdf


Misc. Hardware

LUMIX-Animation Field Kits


Stop Motion/Copystand Tutorials

DRGN-Project and File Organization

SM-Rig Painting in After Effects.pdf

PUPPET Create_Print Schematic Drawing


Puppet Making Tutorial Videos (Password "foam")

Foam Puppets_01-Intro_Pattern

Foam Puppets_02-Mold

Foam Puppets_03-Armature

Foam Puppets_04-Foam Casting

Foam Puppets_05-Seaming

Foam Puppets_06-Painting_Finishing