DM110 Weekly Schedule Spring 2016


WK01: JAN 25-29

Drawn Animation I: Flipbooks

A. Intro to Class: Animation Physics

Lab: Flipbooks-Ball Bounce

Assignment: Flip Books/Animate Coin

Read: Timing and Spacing-Animation Survival Kit p.36-39


B. Flights of Fancy: Elaborating on Flipbooks

Lab: Animated Calisthenics

Assignment: Flights of Fancy


WK02: FEB 01-05

Drawn Animation II: Circle Boogie

A. Circle Boogie: Key Frame Animation(A270/Drawing Lab)

Lab: Rough Animated Keys

Assignment: Refine/Line-test Keys

Read: Breakdown and Inbetween-Animation Survival Kit p.48-51


B. Circle Boogie: Key Frame Animation (A270/Drawing Lab)

Lab: Breakdown Animation/Clean-up Pass

Assignment: Final Inbetween/Color


WK03: FEB 08-12

Drawn Animation III:  Cycles/Post-its

A. Post-it Note I: Walk Cycles

Lab: Post-it Note Walk Cycles

Assignment: Walk Cycle Variation

Read: Walk, Run, Skip-Preston Blair


B. Post-it Note II: "Off the Pegs"

Lab/Assignment: "Off the Pegs" 


WK04: FEB 15-19

Object Animation:

A. Playing Under the Camera

Lab: Object Animation

Assignment: Bring in Animatable Valentine's Candy/Object


B. Movable Feast

Lab/Assignment: Candyjam


WK05: FEB 22-26


A. 2D Zoetrope

Lab/Assignment: Create/Shoot 2D Zoetrope


B. 3D Zoetrope

Lab/Assignment: Design/Build and Shoot 3D Zoetrope


WK06: FEB 29-MAR 04

Cut Out Animation I

A. Paper Puppets

Lab: How To Design and Rig a Paper Puppet

Assignment: 5 Panel Pitch (2)


B. Blocking (Teams)

Lab: Scene Planning/Animation Test

Assignment: Blocking (20-30 seconds)


WK07: MAR 07-11 

Cut Out Animation II

A. Pre-Production

Lab: Scene Building, Rigging, etc.


B. Final Animation (Teams)

Lab: Final Pre-Production

Assignment: Cut-out Circus Act (20-30 seconds)



WK08: MAR 14-18

Drawn Lip-Sync

A. Character Design/Track Reading

Lab: Design Character

Assignment: Character Designs/Track Read Audio


B. Custom Phonemes

Lab: Animate

Assignment: Finish/Shoot Lip-sync





Drawn Lip-Sync

B. Custom Phonemes

Lab: Animate

Assignment: Finish/Shoot Lip-sync


WK11: APR 04-08

Under Camera Animation-Charcoal/Sand  

A. Sand/Charcoal Animation

Lab: Animate Sand/Charcoal (Pairs)

Assignment: Sand/Charcoal (3-5 Second)


B. Sand Animation

Lab: Animate Sand/Charcoal (Pairs)

Assignment: Haiku (5 Panel Pitch x2)


WK12: APR 11-15

Under Camera Animation Paint on Glass/Pinscreen 

A. Paint on Glass

Lab: Paint on Glass

Assignment: Eight Images (Charcoal or Sand)



A. Animated Haiku

Lab: Animated Rehearsal (teams by medium)

Assignment: Haiku Animation (7-10 Seconds)


WK13: APR 18-22 

Clay Lip Sync I

A. Record Dialogue/Design Clay Self Portrait

Lab: Record Audio/Begin Sculpt


B. Review Recordings/Begin Sculpt

Assignment: Mining for Audio Gold (3 Clips)


WK14: APR 25-29

Clay Lip Sync II

A. Clay Lip Sync: Break Down Audio/Phonems

Lab: Trackreading/Design Phonemes

Assignment: Break down Audio


B. Clay Lip Sync: Animation/Post Audio

Lab/Assignment: Animation and  Audio


WK15: MAY 02-06

A. Chalk Animation (Teams of 3)

Lab: Brainstorm for "Visual Spring" (Assign Themes)

Assignment: Research Assigned theme (12 Images)


B. Chalk Animation (Teams of 3)

Lab: Sidewalk Chalk Animation

Assignment: Format Animation and Add Audio


EXAM WK: MAY 09-12