DM110 Animation I: Traditional Media 2014


A hands-on exploration into the visually rich world of animation. From drawing pictures directly under the camera to stop-motion photography, there are many ways to create animated motion, story, and character. This course broadens the student's vision of what can be animated and deepens his or her understanding of basic animation principles, regardless of the medium. Each student works in a wide variety of animation techniques, individually and in small groups. This course gives students a variety of basic skills and visual strategies to serve them as digital media artists and visual storytellers.

Students will be exposed to a variety of animated medium, technique, and expression experiencing a healthy mix of digital and traditional disciplines.
Student will gain a grasp for the history, language, and organic character of traditional techniques, many of which are now generated exclusively in the computer.
Students will gain exposure to some traditional forms of animation while using the computer as a central asset in capturing and processing the animated image.

DM110 Assignment Weights:

Drawing I: Flipbooks_50
Drawing II: Circle Boogie_100
Drawing III: Post-its Cycles_100
Object Animation: Candy Jam_100
Zoetropes: 2D and 3D_150
Lip Sync: Drawn and Clay_150
Under the Camera: Charcoal/Sand/Paint_150
Installation I: Chalk Animation_100
Installation II: Final Project_200

Grading, Attendance and Class Participation:
The Grading in this class will be based on a combination of sheer effort/personal development, technical craft, and class participation. Regular tardiness is not acceptable. Please notify me in advance for excused absences. Unexcused absences will have a definite impact on your grade.

Required Text: Frame by Frame Animation by Tom Gasek