DM115 Intro to Digital Media Arts Fall 2016

2 Credits

Tues/Thurs 8:30-9:45 SCIE 225


Prof. Stephan Leeper





This course serves as an introduction to the cultural phenomena known as Digital Media.  For those in the DMA major this class will give you a glimpse of the journey you  have just stepped into.  For those of you pursuing other majors on campus, welcome. 


All of us live in an increasingly media saturated world and the more we understand how it delights, challenges and influences us in our daily lives the the richer our encounters will be.  The conversation in this class is for both the future media artists and the avid consumer (which just about sums up all of us).


Over the next few weeks you will be exposed to the creative potentials, pitfalls and the social responsibilities of being engaged with our visual culture.  This will be accomplished by viewing and discussing large and varied quantities of digital media inside and out of the classroom.  By examining our visual history, a variety of artists/authors, and a broad range of methodologies; you will be challenged to come to terms with the potential impact that digital media can have on an individual, a community, and on our culture at large.



  • Student will be made aware of the subtle power and pervading influence of digital media in our culture.
  • Students will grapple with the ethical, spiritual and artistic responsibilities of creating and consuming content in an increasingly wired society.
  • Regardless of their chosen major, students will gain an appreciation for how story and visual media can influences their world.



Blog Set-up (on time/extra credit)

50 pts

Blog Response to Films, Discussions and/or Readings

400 pts

Sectional Reading Quizzes (3)

450 pts

Class Participation/Blog commenting

100 pts

Essay (3-5 pages) or Media Presentation (limited slots available)

Extra Credit 200 pts


Late Policy:

Assignments that are late without prior approval will be reduced by one letter grade.


Reading Policy:

The Weekly Readings are an important part of this class experience so please keep up. The Reading Guides and quizzes are to help you stay accountable.  Failure to do the readings will have a serious impact on the section reading quizzes (over 1/3 of your class grade


Absences and Tardiness:

Since much of what we will be discussing will be presented in class, multiple absences could easily effect your grade.  More than three absences could fail you. Please be on time for class.


Required Text:

Telling the Truth; the Gospel as Tragedy, Comedy, and Fairy Tale by Frederic Buechner

ISBN-10: 0060611561

Art and Fear by David Bayles and Ted Orland

ISBN-10: 0961454733