400 pts. (plus 50 for meeting the set-up deadline) 


Blog Meister: Jesse Mastrian (Doré) you can email here at 

This semester there will be no formal tests, only a handful of quizzes and an optional paper/presentation for extra credit. Instead, the goal will be to get you fully engaged in a discussion about media and the role that it plays in our lives.  Your weekly assignments therefore will consist of watching films, reading essays, and posting Blogs.  

For those not familiar with Blogging, think of it as an on-line Journal. Over the next 15 weeks you will be exposed to many short films, music videos, essays, short stories, articles, and a broad variety of class discussions, way too many for either of us to keep track of.  My goal with the Blogging Project (which has now become your goal) is that you post intelligent, reflective comments (with images) on many of the pieces that interest you.  

Of the offerings I serve up in class (not to mention the media you’re exposed to outside of class) you are required to insightfully respond to 25 in the form of a blog post, which adds up about .85 posts per class (though I don’t recommend posting .85 of a blog).  What I do recommend is to get in the habit of posting a blog response immediately after class while the conversation is still fresh in your mind, at least once a week.  This will help keep the momentum of what we have read, watched and discussed in class going.  The whole point of the blogging assignment is to keep the conversation moving forward. 

Some guidelines you should know about.

A quick recap:

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