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Links to random readings, music and stories



Sour Death Balls-Jessica Yu

Girl in the Red Dress-Santini


My Window-Rybczynski


Delight or Challenge: Film Comparisons

The River by Flannery O' Conner

Why We Tell Stories Lisel Mueller




Gospel As Tragedy

Georgia Lee by Tom Waits

The Prayer of the Little Pig by Carmen Bernos de Gasztold

Small Hands Keaton Henson


World of Glory (Subtitles)

Vocari Dei by Pain of Salvation


Mythic Image and Cultural Literacy

Art to Apples

Pleasantville-Gary Ross Excerpt


Gospel As Comedy

Buster Keaton

Charlie Chaplin

Little Rural Riding Hood-Tex Avery

Lunch Date-Adam Davidson


Christian Symbolism

It's a Wonderful Life-Frank Capra Excerpt

Meditations on Mary-Images from the renaissance

Baron Munchausen-Venus Descending Excerpt-Terry Gilliam


Gospel As Fairytale

Man Bought a House  Peter Sapigen

Father and Daughter Michael de Duk DeWit

Bunny Chris Wedge 


Christians in a Changing World

Drawing the Passing-Kentridge VHS

Shadow Procession Kentridge



The Church and Media I: Do Christians need Art?

Art History; A Walk through Sacred Images

Bill Viola's Asscention


Children's Media I: The Ultimate Critics

Rocks and Chocolate



Little Dog Turpe


Children's Media II: Politics Of Entertainment

Artist Michele Coyerne

Duel Pavel Koutsky

Every Child Derek Lamb


Masters of Animation 1: Co Hoedeman

Sand Castle

Tchou Tchou

Charles and Francios


Masters of Animation 2: Frederick Back

Rein Frederick Back

The Man Who Planted Trees


Masters of Animation 3: Yuri Norstien

The Battle of Kerzhenets

Vixen and the Hare

Hedgehog in the Fog

Tale of Tales


Women in Film I: Caroline Leaf/Wendy Tilby

Sand; Peter and the Wolf Leaf

Two Sisters Leaf FIX (New VHS)

United Ad Tilby

Strings Tilby

When Day Breaks Tilby


Women in Film II: Gender and Politics

The Stain Lacey

Feather Tale Michele Corneye

Second Class Mail Alison Snowden

Au Jour Marie Paccou


CG Animation I :Classic CG

Pixar Luxo Jr

Jerry's Game/For the Birds

Work in Progress-ILM

Rock Fish


CG Animation II: Independent CG



Click Clack

Balloon Pirate

Dog with a Cat inside

Man without a Head


Music Videos I : Reinventing Music Videos

This to Shall Pass-OK Go

A Million Ways-OK Go

War Photograper

Be Gone Dull Care-McClaren

I want a Girl-Cake

Sour-Hibi No Neiro

First Day of My Life-Bright Eyes

Higher Power-Play for Change

California-Wax/Spike Jonz

Hyperballad-Bjork/Michel Gondry

Button to Button-White Strips/Gondry

Let Forever Be-Chemical Bros/Michel Gondry

Sugar Water-Ciba/Michel Gondry

Hurt-Johnny Cash/Mark Romanek

Gosselli-Sigor Ros/Michel Gondry

It's Not the End of the World

Nothing's Going to Change My World-Fiona Apple

Clint Eastwood, Live-Gorillaz



The Power of Documentary-NFBC

Milton Rogovin-The Forgotten Ones

Filmmaker in Residence Trailer

I Think I might Be Thournbrough/Bonogofski

When Life Departs Fjeldmark/Kiilerich

Silence Bringas/Yadin


Live-Action Shorts

West Bank Story Ari Sandel

Passing Hearts Johann Brisinger


The Great Star Wars Debate

Matrix Clip

George Lucas in Love

My Room Mate is a Ninja

Star Wars Debate

Dark Ninja Returns