Storyboards (Rough-Action Beats)

Storyboards (Rough): Rough Story Boards are a direct expansion of the Story Beats.  Once your major Story points are in place (or Story Beats) the Rough Boards can help to work out key acting moments (or Action Beats) and shot transitional.   It's essential at this point that the story panels flow from one moment to the next.  Rough Storyboards are also where stronger emphasis on camera and character staging are introduced.  Composition, camera placement, editorial transitions (dissolves, cuts, and fades) should all be taking shape in the Rough Boards.  Key acting moments (Action Beats) and transitions are represented as well.  The drawings are loose but legible and focus on the storytelling.

VeggieTales Esther

Loony Toons Sylvester and Tweety