Character Turn-Arounds insure that the designs of the characters are maintained through the entire production process and usually consist of a front, side, and 3/4 view depending on the needs of the production.  In 3D, Stop-Motion, and Cut-out animation Turn-Arounds are used  as a guide for modelers and puppet makers.  In Traditional/Drawn animation Turn-Arounds are utilized to keep animated characters "on Model".  This is also a good place to include notes on character presentation.

Each primary character should be laid out against horizontal lines usually broken down in exactly one heads length apart.  Thus helping modelers and animator determine how many heads tall the character is.  Characters should be displayed in Front, 3/4, and Side positions (Back and Back 3/4 may be necessary).



Typically you would draw the Front position first.  Then draw the Side position registering your drawing directly on top of the Front position.  Then register the 3/4 position on top of them and create an inbetween image.  Finally, using Photoshop (or Toon Boom) combine all of the positions onto a single page.


Main and Secondary Character Turn-Arounds (3 to 4 positions/a page for each character)

Front, 3/4, Side on a single sheet. Back view if necessary to your story

Each Character on a seperate page 1920x1280





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