DM312 Animation III: Stop Motion



Animation Assignments:

All animation done in this class will need to be captured, named, and submitted to the class @Dropbox before class begins.  All projects should be shot and exported in full HD resolution.


Specs: Full HD 1920x 1080 h264 30FPS on 2s (unless otherwise indicated)


Naming/Solo: Name .mov files with you last name/first initial, dash, followed by the project name




Naming/Partners: For team/partner projects include all member names separated by an underscore




Puppet Building:

Students are expected to show up to class on time and ready to work. Each step in the puppet building process is clearly indicated on the Class Schedule and is due on the date/class  indicated.  It is your responsibility to keep up despite mishaps (which most certainly will happen) and to keep me informed if you fall behind.  This will insure the quality/grade of your final puppet.


Semester Total: 1000 pts

  1. Various Assignments/Exercises  300


  1. 10 Second Club  200


  1. Puppet Building (6 Weeks) 300


  1. Screen Test (3 Weeks) 200



Mid Semester Totals: 500

10SC/Class Exercises 250

Puppet Design/Pattern/Molds 250