DM312 Animation III: Stop Motion

Syllabus Spring 2017

4 Credits



We will be focusing on animation performance through weekly clay animation exercises more advanced puppet assignments.

Student will learn foam cast puppet building with a braided wire and brass armature.

We will explore various stop-motion production techniques such as animation workflow, camera placement and lens choice, rigging, props, and basic lighting.

Over the course of the semester we will be screening many examples of clay, object and puppet Stop Motion animation. 



DM110 Principles of Animation I


Text Book:

While there is no required text for this class, Stop-Motion; Craft Skills for Model Animation is highly recommended as a supplement to this course.  Also check out our selection of stop-motion books in the Media Library.  Many of them are listed on the Bibliography page.  Tutorials will also be provided.



Semester Total: 1000 pts

  1. Various Clay Assignments/Exercises  400


  1. Puppet Building (6 Weeks) 400

Each student will design, build and animate there own stop motion puppet using various materials made available to the class. It is important to keep up with the schedule (despite mishaps) and to keep me informed if you fall behind.  This will insure the quality of your final puppet.


  1. Screen Test (3 Weeks) 200

Students will animate a 20 second screen test showcasing the puppet they have built.