DM335TB 2D Digital Animation   

Stephan Leeper

3 Credits/Spring 2012   




2D Digital Animation (Toon Boom) is an emersion into the 2D digital production studio using one of the industries most powerful tools. By combining the principles of traditionally drawn animation with the tools of digital technology this course hopes to broaden students aesthetic understanding of animation while implementing current tools and concepts designed to streamline the production process. Although our focus is not purely on technology and software, a solid understanding of the digital tools will be required to meet the creative challenges of the course. Toon Boom Animate Pro will be the software of choice offering students a comprehensive 2D digital production environment.

  1. Technology

In this course student will gain a familiarity with and mastery of many of the animation and filmmaking tools native to the Digital environment.

  1. Drawn and Cut-out Animation

Students will review both of these traditional animation concepts as they incorporate them into their assignments using digital tools.

  1. Open Screenings

Over the course of the semester we will be screening many examples of 2D animation in both traditional and digital media. Students are invited to bring examples that they find appropriate to the discussion.


DM210 Animation II: Drawing for Animation




PDF files will be provided

Assignment Breakdown:


Traditional Scan & Paint Workflow


Flour Sack Walk Cycles (5 Seconds)

100 pts

Morphing Alphabet (24 frames)

50 pts

Aviator Puppet 

300 pts

Flying Machine

200 pts

Greatest Race (30 seconds)

300 pts



Final Revisions:

At any time a student may make a revision to there work however if they wish to alter their grade it is important that they discuss these changes with the instructor beforehand.



Students are expected to attend all classes unless discussed with me in advance. Regular tardiness and missed class will affect final grade.