DM370 Animation Studio I Fall 2016




This course is part 1 of a two part experience.  It is designed to give advanced students an opportunity to put the animation skills they have been learning to the test.  The course will consist of a number of open-ended quick-turn-around assignments designed to stretch students both technically and conceptually.  



·         Students will learn to work other talented individuals in a short-term collaborative projects.

·         Students will develop their abilities to design projects within tight parameters, meeting weekly milestones to effectively move their projects forward.

·         Students will have a variety of short portfolio pieces displaying a high level of competency in a variety of media

·         Student will be prepared to design and execute a moderately complex project during their second semester.


Time Commitment:

While Monday evenings are set aside for classroom interaction, assignments and instructor input.  Students are required to be present in Becker hall labs on Wednesday evenings between 6 and 9pm.  Students are also expected to be working on  projects outside of this class time and interacting with partners regular basis.


Final Grade: 1000 pts

There will be three projects over the length of the semester.  The Final Grade will be based on the individual student’s artistic and technical contributions to these projects as well as their ability to meet given deadlines. 


Project #1: 5 Seconds 300 pts

Project #2: 5 Seconds 300 pts

Project #3: TBA 400 pts