DM375 Junior Studio II

Steve Leeper/Josh Addessi

Spring 2017




Course Description:

Junior animation teams will be focused on producing separate 20-30 second animated projects complete and ready to screen for the DMA Spring Showcase. Over the course of the semester we will also be devoting time to cultivating concepts for "End of Semester" Sr. Project pitches. 


This portion of the class brings together principles of project management, story development and animation production similar to that of a professional studio. The goal is for each team to complete a 20 to 30 second animated piece suitable for their portfolios and to gain experience working on a medium length production that will help to shape upcoming Sr. Projects.


We will also begin the process of cultivating pitches for Sr. projects. By exploring previously successful projects and even a few that failed, as a class we will begin a structured process to cultivate ideas, solicit team members, and to develop and present preliminary pitches that can be built on over the summer.  This process is designed to give students clear ideas how to best prepare for their Sr. Project and to hit the ground running as they enter the last year of their animation studies.



The Grading in this class will be based on the student’s ability to produce quality work, support their teammates, and meet weekly production milestones. Each team must complete their project for the DMA Spring Showcase at the end of the semester.



Initial Pitch 10%

Completed piece 90% 

Grades may be adjusted according to peer evaluations


Class Policies:

Students are expected to meet deadlines and conduct themselves toward their peers in a professional manor. Failure to do so may be cause for removal from teams.