Animators in the Baltics Essay


"Why I am Interested in Visiting Baltic Animators this J-Term in Two Pages"


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Essays due by October 8th


As discussed in our Thursday night meeting the seats on this trip are limited and we want to make sure that those students who end up going will greatly benefit from the experience.  The best way I can think of to make the decision is. . .

  1. Give you all more information as to the artists and studios we will be visiting and
  2. Based on one of the three categories listed below,  have each of you write a short essay exploring your thoughts as to why this trip will benefit you're personal journey as a growing artist, storyteller, animator.  


I have broken the trip into three of the known categories that we will be engaging on our trip with the bulk of the time being spent with the Joonisfilm Studio animators in Estonia.  Please review each of the following three pages in preparation for writing your essay.


1. Joonisfilm (Estonia)-Independent Films

2. Joonisfilm (Estonia)-Family and Children's Films

3. Latvian Animation-A Living Tradition